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       A former actress, Dina Ousley, co-starred in the series “Bronk” with Jack Palance. Her career as an actress landed her roles in “Shampoo”, “Police Woman” and numerous TV commercials. Ironically, years later, Dina became Oscar winner Palance's make up artist on his Ford television commercials.

      Besides being the president and founder of Dinair, Dina Ousley is Hollywood 's most sought after makeup artists and is a licensed Cosmologist in the states of California , New York , and Texas . “Dina's really good at what she does, she can make magic happen on cue!” remarked the late John Ritter.

Dina had to create makeup that wouldn't rub or fade, and would look natural to the cameras. She had to be able to create these looks quickly on the sets. Dina would rehearse creating effects the night before a shoot. On the set, she could spray the special effect makeup or glamour makeup in minutes. Doing dramatic glamour looks often required changing the makeup in an instant. The makeup has to be flawless, seamless and natural. Dina began to develop makeup so seamless movie cameras and TV cameras couldn't “see” the makeup. She became disappointed with traditional makeup and wanted to create an easier way to apply it and have a results that look more natural. So she created Dinair ® Spraybrush™ Systems and Aircolors™. It's an entirely new way to apply color to skin.

          Dina Ousley has been featured on such television programs as “Access Hollywood”, “The Other-Half”, CNN, Fox News, Inside Edition "Women's World" and “To Tell the Truth”.   Publications such as Vogue, Newsweek, DAY SPA, American Salon, US, People, the LA Times, Allure, In Style, The Enquirer and many other leading women's beauty magazines have also profiled Dina and her ground breaking Dinair Airbrush Makeup System. 

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